Welcome to Fencrest Parking

Fencrest Parking Control has been formed to address the needs of Comer Group sites for the benefit of leaseholders, tenants and visitors.

The perennial problems of inconsiderate and illegal parking on permit or ticket enabling parking provision affects all of the Comer Group sites; yet the enforcement of parking restrictions need to be handled strictly in accordance with the site policy as well as the BPA regulations.
Fencrest has the capability to manage this problem.

For parking provisions to be adequately managed there needs to be the ability to enforce sanction against those inconsiderate drivers who seek to ignore the parking regulations on site. The regulations are displayed openly in numerous (mapped) locations around each site. Parking Charge Notices are the solution since they directly affect the driver of the vehicle and thereby discourage further inconsiderate parking on the site.

If you have a complaint you can email complaints@fencrestparking.com

Approved BPA Operator  Member of the British Parking Association